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Sunset Bridge: Progress Update


Above: Wet concrete comes out of this hose and is placed on top of the girders. Crew members make sure the concrete is going exactly where it’s needed.

The concrete was placed directly on top of the girders and then finished with a Bidwell 4800 finishing machine. The finishing machine not only smoothed the surface of the concrete, but was also configured to set the roadway profile (crown and 2% cross slopes, mainly for drainage). As concrete was laid in the approximate deck thickness the carriage or “rabbit” of the deck finishing machine made transverse passes back and forth and crept forward slowly. The carriage only went so far on either side of the bridge, so the sides had to be smoothed out by hand. The total time it took to complete the task was about 5 hours.  Not bad for a half days work!


Above: A crew worker smooths out the concrete on one of the sides of the bridge, past where the carriage could reach

Now that the bridge deck concrete is in place, crews will move forward building new sidewalks, parapets for railing and the decorative monuments on the piers. The abutments will be backfilled and roadway approach slabs will be built.


Above: Crew members work to pour concrete ahead of the Bidwell and carriage, while additional crew members smooth concrete by hand on the sides of the bridge.

Aside from the new bridge structure, crews are wrapping up trail work and have begun installation of new stormwater drainage features.