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Construction Progress and Service Availability for NextLight Internet

Expected Construction Start Dates

Phase 1

August 2014 

Phase 2

April 2015

Phase 3

Q2 2015

Phase 4

Q1 2016 

Phase 5

Q4 2015 

Phase 6

April 2015 

Dates and timing of construction for each phase are approximate, and are subject to change due to severe weather and area-specific construction requirements.

Construction Progress and Service Availability 


We expect to begin offering NextLight service to our Phase 2 customers in August.

While construction has gone on in Phase 2 since April, service activation has been delayed due to the construction work on the South Main Station, the development being built on the former Butterball site. That work began at about the same time as NextLight’s, and is currently requiring us to relocate our electric and fiber lines in the area.

After studying the situation, we have found an alternate approach that will let us finalize work and connect our Phase 2 customers while the South Main work continues. As in other areas,  when service is available, we will send letters to let residents and businesses know they can sign up for NextLight; residents will also receive a door hanger.

When it is time to reconnect our lines around South Main Station, there will be a brief “fiber outage” while everything is put back into place. Affected customers will be notified of the time and day ahead of the scheduled outage.

Do you own or manage rental property? Here are your three quick steps to NextLight.

Crews installing NextLight service may sometimes lay a fiber cable on the ground instead of immediately burying it, due to ground conditions or to meet the high customer demand for installations. This is a temporary measure; the fiber cables are harmless to people and pets, but should not be disturbed. Once conditions allow, we will contact you and return to bury the line.

Throughout the project, you may see individuals in safety vests walking down streets and through alleys as they inspect existing overhead and underground infrastructure in the area. You may also see workers using machinery to dig, bore, and trench for underground work, and in bucket trucks or on electric poles for overhead work. Contractors will have City I.D.s. Have questions or concerns? Please call us at 303.651.8386 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Identification of Crews and Personnel

All personnel associated with the City of Longmont broadband construction project have City of Longmont picture ID badges. When interacting with workers or other individuals before, during, or after construction in your area, you may ask to see an ID badge at any time.

Network Construction

This includes the installation of underground and overhead infrastructure (fiber, conduits, and network equipment) required for the city-wide fiber-optic system. The maps above depict the boundaries and approximate timing of the network build-out. As network construction is completed and service becomes available, the construction progress map will be updated.

Customer Service Drop Installation

This is the installation of underground and overhead fiber infrastructure from the network to individual homes and businesses.  Installation construction will occur in rights-of-ways, easements, and on residential and business properties for those customers who sign up for service. LPC will use the most appropriate and effective methods available to minimize the impact to its customers and manage costs.


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