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Bohn Farm cohousing plan in Longmont moves forward despite live/work concerns

By Staff Writer: Karen Antonacci
Posted: 03/16/2016
The Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously late Wednesday night to allow the Bohn Farm Cohousing Community to move forward at the southwest corner of Spruce Avenue and Grant Street.
The commission did not approve a rezoning from residential mixed density to planned unit development - residential. Rather, the commission recommended the Longmont City Council approve that change.

Plan might allow park, private farm at Longmont's Bohn Farm development

 By Staff Writer: Karen Antonacci
POSTED:   02/24/2016 08:56:43 PM MST
A park proposed for less than an acre of land in the Bohn Farm annexation stirred up more than an hour of discussion and public comment at the Longmont City Council meeting Tuesday night.
Ultimately, the council moved forward on a compromise that would allow both a park and space for a private community farm in the development.


Construction Progress and Service Availability for NextLight Internet

Construction Progress and Service Availability for NextLight Internet

Click to see Phase 2 service availability update

In response to high community demand, Longmont Power & Communications sped up construction of the NextLight fiber-optic system in 2015, building the network in two directions at once. In April, work began on both Phase 2 in central Longmont and Phase 6 in the southwest. Once construction has completed in an area, we will notify residents and businesses of service availability. For more information check out our  FAQ or read the press release.


Sunset Bridge: Progress Update

Sunset Bridge Deck Pour

Post Date: March 15, 2016

All the hard work on the project so far has led up to this moment – the placement of the concrete for the new bridge deck! This operation consisted of placing the largest volume of concrete for the entire project, totaling approximately 220 cubic yards. This translates to a weight of around 900,000 lbs of concrete for the superstructure. Similar to other concrete placements on the project, a pump truck with a boom and hose was used to put the concrete right where it was needed.


City of Longmont: Sunset Bridge Designs Nearly Complete, Fall Construction Planned

Sunset Bridge Designs Nearly Complete, Fall Construction Planned

Design work on the Sunset Street Bridge replacement project is nearly complete. The remaining step, prior to construction, is to complete right of way agreements; construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2015.

Post Date: 07/24/2015 10:57 am

Design work on the Sunset Street Bridge replacement project is nearly complete. It is anticipated that final plan revisions and all environmental clearances will be finalized by mid-August. The new structure will be lengthened and widened to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, as well as designed to safely convey 100-year storm flows.