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Longmont's Bohn Farm Cohousing presents final concept design

By Amy Bounds - Staff Writer - POSTED:   02/26/2017 10:39:45 PM MST 

Bohn Farm Cohousing Community developer Peter Spaulding led tours Sunday, showing off views and future building locations on the 5.89-acre Longmont property.

He also presented the final concept plans at Sunday's open house, with 46 units — including six commercial units — planned for the community at the southwest corner of Spruce Avenue and Grant Street.

"We're averaging 20 to 30 people at community meetings," he said. "People are starting to really get it and understand cohousing. It's really inspiring."


Balancing privacy and community with design in cohousing

BY   February 18, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST

Architect Laura Fitch describes cohousing communities as “privacy within your home and community at your doorstep.”

Cooperative living arrangements have existed across a number of cultures for centuries. But the concept took a new form in Denmark in the early 1970s with the establishment of Sættedammen, a cohousing community in which residents retain a private living space while sharing common facilities like a kitchen, laundry and play area. The people who live there are responsible for cleaning and maintaining shared spaces and plan community activities such as shared dinners.



Rethinking Propsperity Blog

By Lucia Bettinger, April 15, 2016

Everyone needs a hobby, activity, or an outlet that allows one to be in the moment. Allowing one to be in the moment can come from many different activities or hobbies, and as a person becomes more involved in a hobby, they begin searching for things that will enhance their affinity.